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    Anyone know if i can fly from Stanstead Airport ot Liverpool.

    Who with if so?? Cheap if possible.

    Any help appreciated.


    Where are u going!!

    edit - duh you are going to Liverpool! sorry Emma misread it!
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    Not directly you can't... you'd have to go via Dublin or Belfast... best off getting the train or driving!

    Original Poster

    Well what a load of crap that is.

    Wouldn't mind stan to Manchester either but can't find anythin on that either.

    you used to be able to go from luton to liverpool but easyjet removed the flights due to arguments over landing fees, the closest anyone will go is from standsted to inverness.

    British airways go from gatwick to manchester if that's helpful? Would mean a train / taxi from manchester tho

    you can get from stansted to gatwick on dedicated national express or via the train / tube.

    I think the airlines stopped flying to liverpool, the locals kept nicking the landing wheel
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