Flight to Bosnia ( looking for best possibility)

Found 11th Jun
Hello guys,
I'm looking for advice on best way to reach Banja Luka in Bosnia..
There will be new routes through Ryanair from 29th october, but there is no direct flights or booking straight up one Destination to another.. i did however notice i can book from Manchester to Belgium then Belgium to Banja Luka, however this will mean I will have to book separate flights and seperate boarding passes. Is this allowed? For e.g Manchester - Brussels would be one flight.
Brussels - Banja Luka is another flight.
Then i will have to do vice versa for return trip.
Before it was a case of booking a flight from UK-to Croatia. Then you either have to hire a car to reach yoir destination in BOSNIA or somebody will pick you up and take you back for £250 which is costly . Reaching Banja Luka and returning to UK would cost roughly £95-£150 return which is amazing but like i said it's booking seperate flight which I don't mind, but I'm just looking at how this is possible as long as the times are good. Please someone reply with tips. Banja luka has flights to Sweden and Belgium and uk has flights to Belgium and Sweden..
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