Flight to China? Any good deals

Found 2nd Mar 2007
Hey peeps,

Anyone know of a good deal on flights to China?
I want to go beginning of March, 2 adults, economy

Super gratefull to anyone who can help me out!!! Thank you!!! :thumbsup:
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Which airport do you want to fly to? How long for?
:oops: I new I'd forgotten something! lol!

I am goiing to Shenzhen, so the nearest one to there, and I'm going to stay for about a week.

I would prefer to fly from Birmingham or East Midlands - but to be truthfull if it will save me a packet I'd drive to most airports, Heathrow etc

I either need to go to Shenzhen in March, or Guangzhou in June
Where abouts in China do you want to fly to?
Either Shenzhen in March or Guangzhou in June

Shenzhen Huangtian airport ZGSZ
Guangzhou Baiyun airport ZGGG

Thank for the replys engadine
Lastminute have flights in March to Shenzhen with China Eastern Airlines from £530.20 per person, KLM from £662.10
Try oasishongkong.com/ you may still be able to get a flight from London to Hong Kong for 258 quid return!

Then try jetstar or a similar airline to fly to the part of china you want.

Hope that helped.
thanks engadine and davelfc - rep left for you both!

£258 sounds good! will look now!
Let me know if you manage a good deal with oasis, plus if you do fly with them please let me know what they are like. They are so cheap we're thinking of having a 'lads break' away for 4 nights later in the year to Hong Kong.
I got REALLY cheap flights from British Airways! We're talking under £200 one way from Shekou, Shenzhen to Newcastle!!!! It was a last minute thing, and I thought I was going to pay through the nose, but it was well cheap!

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
its worth noting that shenzhen is just north of hong kong. if you want to go there and have a british passport you can get a visa on the border of hong kong and china (yes hong kong is still independent from the mainland in terms of visas). if you do this bear in mind take a passport photo with you - they charge a lot for them if you get it done on the border. i think it costs around 30 pounds for the visa (although i cant remember).

if you get a visa on the border of hong kong and shenzhen its only valid for 5 days and limited to shenzhen special economic zone - ie, you cant go anywhere else in china. if you fly into guangzhou and get a visa on the border its valid for 30 days and is valid anywhere in china.

previously ive flown into hong kong, got a chinese visa (takes a day or two and costs a bit) arranged by a travel agent, then travelled directly to guangzhou by train (takes 2 hours or so) from hong kong.

enjoy your trip!
Here's a website where someone did the reverse trip from shenzhen to Hong Kong, so I guess it's as valid, just reverse it


I looked on oasis and its now roughly about 288 for early March to Hong Kong return, so even with the bus/train trip etc this is a huge saving on some flights.
If you're coming to Shekou in Shenzhen, by far and away the easiest way to get here is to fly to Hong Kong, then catch the high speed ferry from the airport terminal (before immigration) and get your visa on arrival at Shekou ferry terminal. Job done.

If you need any more info, PM me, as I work here in Shekou.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
wow guys - fantastic advice!!!

thank you VERY VERY much!

Rep left for you all!
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