Flight to New York!!!! Cheapest?

    Hi, i'm looking at booking a trip to New York around the 1st April 09. I missed out on the cheap £140 flights...but i've had a look around and found a flight from heathrow for $332. Is this the best i can hope for? Also this includes 1 stop on the way and is direct on the return.

    If the price isn't too much of a difference i would prefer direct both ways. But we are going to New York in the hope we can have a week there for as cheap as possible.

    So if anybody can point me towards some websites that may have cheap'ish flights from any other website bar and so that i can do a few searches and compare the prices so i can pick the flight times/prices i prefer.

    Thanks in advance,




    [url][/url] have flights at £296

    hiya we got some in may for 147 each so reckon the three hundred and odd dollars is a good deal, have you tried the site then? its far cheaper than the uk site


    Try Zoom Airlines :whistling:

    might have a bit of a wait the other end though :roll:

    I hear Amelia Earhart is doing a return trip.
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