Flights delayed after lightning strike at Stansted Airport - Flights being diverted up to 125 Miles away

Found 27th May
Stansted airport is in meltdown after a lightning strike hit aircraft fuelling system, leaving planes unable to refuel

The refuelling issue has only recently been fixed but causing massive delays and incoming flights to be diverted to various airports across the Country.

Well worth checking before travelling, could have a knock on effect into next week / Half term getaway

2945880.jpgCredit Twitter

Flights due to land at Stansted airport are being diverted to other destinations, with passengers landing at East Midlands airport, around 125 miles away.

One flight from Eindhoven was diverted to Birmingham Airport, and another from Bratislava landed at East Midlands.

John Mann MP tweeted: "Nothing leaving Stansted this morning- fuel depot his by lightening apparently. Tankers on their way. Empty skies."

Several passengers tweeted their frustration at being told to board planes, only to then sit on the craft for hours without take-off.

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davewave7 m ago


Just a bit!
Got some around here now time to unplug the tv.
Got a bit confused there when it said lightening strike. I thought of flying pickets
John Mann eh, clearly a lightning ambush by Livingstone and his newts
125 miles away as a diversion is pretty good really. Airports only have so much space available on the ground and will save stand spaces for aircraft that are based there, especially if the aircraft are going to be stuck there a while.

Last time it snowed really heavily across the UK the only places that had space by the end of the day were either Newcastle or Nantes.
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