Flights from £16 for around the world - Skyscanner

    I've found a really good way to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world also you can choose which airport in the UK you want to depart from. The dates are also flexible
    Around the year so you can choose if you want to go within the summer or Easter. Just press where you want to go then press whereabout it is in the country then choose which UK airport you want to depart from. Then you have to choose on the calendar which month and day you want to go on. After you've done that all the results will come up and you can choose when flight you want to take. Also not all flights are from £16 it starts from £16.

    Please be kind on the comment page and this does really work so I hope that I shouldn't get any colds

    The website used is skyscanner.



    ha link to Skyscanner nothing new here

    Used it for years, probably one of the most famous travel sites in the word

    is this a joke or is it someones first day on the INTERNET ?

    If you want the best deal - search UK to everywhere.
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    Is this a joke?

    Hi Disney, I guess that you may have just stumbled upon Skyscanner but as others have said this is widely used and is a very good tool for researching and buying flights. (_;)

    I found slightly cheaper prices on and the layout is a bit better, so I prefer kayak to skyscanner (I still check both though)


    It's not April yet OP

    Original Poster

    Btw everyone I have found this link years ago aswell this is just a faster way of getting the cheap flights .

    Starts from £16?
    I found some from £8 eg Manchester to Dublin....your missing bargains!

    this is nearly as good as the time travel betting loophole !


    this is nearly as good as the time travel betting loophole !

    What was that


    What was that

    Best thread ever

    In the future Noah will build an Ark
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