Flights help please sharm el sheikh

Found 11th Jan 2010
Hi Everyone

Im looking to book a flight from manchester to sharm el sheikh sometime in june

i looked the other day using skscraper and could get them for £200 but now they have gone up to £275

I jsut wondered if anyone had any advice of where to look for flights or if there are any trends i.e the prices go up at weekends ext

I would idealy like to get them back down to the £200 mark

any help and advice would be much apreciated

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try icelolly.com
they recently sponsored deal or no deal. they have some really good offers on

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hi thanks iv been looking at them probs the cheapest iv found but they soon add a extra £80 each out of no where

onthebeach are also pretty good

try holidayholidayholiday.co.uk my sis has booked with thee loads and i was on the website the other night and you could go all inclusive for 365 so flights should be a good price

have you treid teletext.com
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