Flights / Holidays to USA/Canada

    Anyone been recently and can recommend any companies or help whatsoever, best places to go even.. ??


    give us an idea of what you like hot/cold, action/ relax, group numbers/age, time of year...

    last year we flew to florida with thomson, they are great as they have more seat room than most other carriers

    airtransat Toronto return £300 around September time

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    I dont mind.. I'm 30 this year and have always wanted to go across the pond and have never been..

    anytime of year really, any destination.. Ive looked at flights and the prices are so random.. so I was hoping someone could say.. 'I went with these and it was a great price' sort of thing..

    torn between a holiday with the kids or just me and the missus.. some places I really wouldn't wanna take the kids.. like New York for example.. (they are 3 and 1)

    toronto is awesome

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    LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas etc all fab, for hotels we used to book 25 nights on a road trip last year, also used them for car hire, also a good site for hotels, we have used BA, Virgin and AA, out of all of them AA was the best and cheapest

    I flew with Continental last year to Newark then onto Houston, couldn't fault them at all. As for places, I've only been to Houston and found it to be a fantastic place, I'd go back again in a heartbeat...

    Orlando is fab fun, plenty to do even if you don't do disney. I had never had any interest in going until my hubby talked me into it last year. We had such a good time that we are going back again in just over a month.
    We paid around £500 each for our flights this year, £800 between 4 of us for a 5 bed, 4 bath house with swimming pool and games room. I found that one fleabay, I also got last years villa from there.

    So that's £700 each for two weeks, car hire on top of that was £385 between 4 of us for a jeep grande cherokee with additional driver etc and then obviously the attraction tickets on top.

    Would be a lot cheaper though for a smaller villa, flights with another company and a smaller car.

    Last year we paid:
    Villa, 4 bed, 3 bath, swimming pool and games room = £540 for two weeks
    thomson flights = £380 pp
    car hire, jeep grande cherokee £400
    + attraction tickets
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