Flights needed to Geneva airport during easter hols

    kind of a long shot but hopefully someone can help.

    I've managed to get a good deal at a ski resort near geneva airport, only problem is i now need to find cheap flights!

    Anyone know where's the best place to look for flights. Any links/advice/help will be appreciated.

    Thanks :-)


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    actually, dont worry. I've just found ]this


    lol have a good time kot, skiing is a great holiday!

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    try ]]]

    Thanks mate! :-D


    lol have a good time kot, skiing is a great holiday!

    Thanks ace, im planning more on going snowboarding though.

    Last time i went skiing was about 8 or 9 years ago, wasn't even proper skiing it was on that fake ice carp. I broke my wrist and didnt realise until 3 days later :lol:.

    ah snowboarding, looks just as fun altho i noticed that they were on their bottoms more frequently than the ppl skiing!

    i loved my last skiing holiday came bk with just a few bruises, nothing broken unlike urself, im sure ull have fun

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    im not planning to spend much time on my ass but il see what happens when i go. ill see if i can get somone to take a vid of me tryna snowboard and ill post it on here :thumbsup:
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