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    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for cheap flights for the following:

    1. Leaving South Africa (Johannesburg preferred) to London around the 23rd of May
    2. Leaving Europe (probably London) arriving in New York, US on the 23rd of June
    3. Return to Europe around the 3rd of September from New York, US.
    4. Return to South Africa around the 10th of September from Europe

    Thank you.


    [url][/url] :thumbsup:

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    Leave Cape Town 15th of May for Johannesburg - R700
    Leave Johannesburg 23rd of May for London - R2500
    Leave London 22nd of June for New York - R2413
    Leave New York for London 3rd of September - R2413
    Leave London 10th of September for Johannesburg - R2500
    Leave Johannesburg 11th of September for Cape Town - R700

    =~ R11226
    =~768 pounds

    That's what I've found online so far.


    Try the around world flight companies they may help but thats pretty cheap what you got already

    JNB-LHR-JNB 25th May - 10th September £299 incl taxes direct with BA booked through

    or, same dates, £302 incl taxes direct with BA booked through and 1% cashback through Quidco making £298.90 net.

    LHR-JFK-LHR 23rd June - 3rd September £301.06 incl taxes direct with AF (operated by Delta) booked through so a net cost of £298.05 after Quidco.

    Total £596.95 or £597.05 depending on which option is taken.

    Outward travel from JNB on 23rd May is possible but you'll pay an extra £69 for the privilege.

    I hope this helps.

    are you running away from the cops? :giggle:

    Original Poster


    are you running away from the cops? :giggle:

    Ermmmmmmmmm no. I live in South Africa, going to Europe for a holiday and then America to look after kids!. Thank you mintynw7 for the help, repped. You forgot the local CPT > JHB flights but with what you found still works out to be around 100 pounds cheaper.

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    No idea what happened to my other reply but here's another... firstly, thank you andythebrave for your help, repped. You managed to drop my price around 100 pounds. Secondly, no.. not running away from the cops. Just finished school and spending some time in Europe and then looking after kids in Europe. Lastly, can't claim Quidco.. I'm a South African resident

    @andythebrave: Howcome when I try enter the same flights on British Airways I can't get the same prices? Do you have to book through these websites?

    Yes, you won't get these prices if you book directly with BA or AF/DL.
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