Flights to Abu Dhabi! Help please!

    Hi guys, need a flight for a week late August from MAN to AUH and the cheapest I can get for 1 person is £450.00! Can anyone be of any assistance?

    Many thanks in advance....


    Hi sure you need to go from Manchester and not Heathrow? I was working in Abu Dhabi until recently for the last 2 years. Heathrow gives more options maybe only etihad to Manchester? British Airways are probably the cheapest and the other carriers are Gulf Air, Etihad or KLM (latter is a pain if stopping in Amsterdam). The Arabian carriers are a nicer atmosphere and the staff a little more glamourous! BA are efficient but it's more like a bus in cattle class. You really have to be lucky to get a special deal. The flights are usually full and busy so the carriers don't need to be generous and you have already missed the cheaper seats if you are flying so soon. The busiest days are the AD weekend, many people fly out of AD Thursday night or Fri morning and plan to return to be at work Sunday morning. I think maybe Sun - Tues are cheaper days on BA from Heathrow but maybe a bit late now but their usual fee is around 330 I think all in. The other way you could do it would be to fly to Dubai and then taxi to AD. Taxi is around 400 Dhirams even though it is a 1.5 hr trip but it's a bit of a trek. AD airport is around 25 mins from the city centre. Plenty of taxi's when you leave the airport but make sure you get an official Fast Car or Al Ghazal. Around 70 Dhiram into the city centre - don't get the rip off guys who will ask 100 or 200!

    If you need any AD info. ask I'll try and help.

    If you leave on 1st Sept there is this. It is 1 stop but its not short and shaves over £100 off.

    Depart – Mon 1 Sep 2008
    This flight leaves on Monday and arrives on Tuesday.
    Qatar Airways
    Flights 46 Departs: 14:45
    Manchester (MAN) Arrives: 23:45
    Doha (DOH)
    Coach | Fare code: VLA1MGB1 | 333 (Wide-body Jet) | 7h 00m | 3358 miles | 9+ seats remain
    [ Stopover in Doha, Qatar (DOH) for 2h 30m ]
    Qatar Airways
    Flights 120 Departs: 02:15
    Doha (DOH) Arrives: 04:10
    Abu Dhabi Intl (AUH)
    Coach | Fare code: VLA1MGB1 | 320 (Narrow-body Jet) | 0h 55m | 201 miles | 9+ seats remain

    Return – Mon 8 Sep 2008
    Qatar Airways
    Flights 121 Departs: 06:55
    Abu Dhabi Intl (AUH) Arrives: 06:50
    Doha (DOH)
    Coach | Fare code: VLA1MGB1 | 320 (Narrow-body Jet) | 0h 55m | 201 miles | 9+ seats remain
    [ Stopover in Doha, Qatar (DOH) for 0h 55m ]
    Qatar Airways
    Flights 45 Departs: 07:45
    Doha (DOH) Arrives: 13:15
    Manchester (MAN)
    Coach | Fare code: VLA1MGB1 | 332 (Wide-body Jet) | 7h 30m | 3358 miles | 9+ seats remain

    Airfare Taxes & Fees Total Cost
    Qatar Airways £179.01 £157.30 £336.31 select

    Original Poster

    Thank-you so much for your help!
    I am looking at flying out on Monday 25th and returning Sept 1st 08.
    Sorry to be a pain

    Thank-you for your responses so far!

    It seems that there is a massive price drop from the end of august in to sept.

    Try [url][/url] to have a look.

    Vic4s thanks for the PM. Re this above, yes, there is also Qatar changing at Doha. I saw quite a lot of Qatar airways flights delayed at AD so i wouldn't fly with them but they are cheaper compared to Etihad. Etihad is now the national carrier of AD. You may just have to bite the bullet because it's unlikely you will get much of a saving making it worth worrying about at least.

    You can register for Etihad Frequent Flyer before you go. Sign up on their website. This will increase your baggage allowance from 20 to 30kg for free. Check with their reservation desk though to be sure of that. I have found the service on Etihad good but they are not cheap and their fares I believe either have or are about to go up.

    If you choose to go to Heathrow it is worth assessing the cost. National Express go straight to T3 which has been the terminal for Etihad but it is a tiring trip and sometimes comfort and convenience outweigh cost. If you do go with Gulf Air or Qatar and change at Bahrain or Doha it's not really a big deal. Last time I flew from Bahrain to AD there was only about 3 passengers and I was surrounded by around 20 stewardesses all flying to AD. My apartment was just a stones throw from the Etihad stwardesses accomodation in AD so often had a chat with them. No extra discounts for me though but many a nice time.

    I haven't checked this but I think you will be still in or flying out of AD as Ramadan begins. If so there may be some restrictions on your flight if with Etihad and also the mood in AD. It could be no alcohol and restricted films etc on the flight. There is pressure from the Islamic countries that their carriers also go some way to respecting Ramadan etc. on flights. In AD bars etc. will also be closing and dress code will be observed. It's not Saudi or Iran, but it's worth being aware.

    Original Poster

    Hi for the 30 kgs do you have to join the "club"?
    Does this sound correct?

    Thank-you for all your help

    I think so because your economy class Coral ticket will only say 20kg or 22kg. My understanding is that if you are a Frequent Flyer (Etihad Guest) you get an upgrade to 30kg for free. Don't quote me on this though hence my post earler, check with the company prior to going to the airport. You can join the club on line and print a temporary membership card for free. Your hand luggage is also unlikely to be weighed but no guarantees. Etihad don't seem too concerned about the odd kilo here and there unlike BA who say 23 and mean 23. Of course business class or 1st will get you more whoever you fly with but hand baggage they are quite strict on size. Baggage is 32kg limit max per bag.

    If you want any info. re AD ask me I may know the answer. I worked and then lived there there on and off for the last few years. I may go back. Crazy place but it's addictive. Presumably if you are paying your own flight you may be staying with friends or hotel and not a business trip? Be prepared for very hot and humid weather there now.
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