Flights to america.

Found 5th Mar 2007
Hello, looking for a deal for my dear old ma.
She is going to see her sister in America, so we are looking for
Return flights.
Best price found to date is £458 ( Travelsupermarket)return from London Gatwick.
Any offers or discounts available would be most welcome.

Departing Gatwick or London airports.
Going to Dallas Texas DFW
Non stop
Late august/ early September
2 tickets

Thanks in advance for any help :thumbsup:

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How long is she going for?

will take a look MIKE39

Original Poster

Sorry, she's going for 2 weeks. Seems to be slightly cheaper in september after the school holidays.
Thanks for any help.

Will see what I can come up with for you

Had a good look round and so far the price you already have seems to be the cheapest.

Original Poster

Yes, seems a good price but, was just making sure there was no offers or discounts i had over looked prior to taking the plunge.
Anyway, thanks for you efforts.


You are welcome:)
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