Flights to Cardiff/Bristol from Rhodes needed desperately

    Hi everyone,

    I am in desperate need of details of a flight from Rhodes in Greece to the UK (preferably Cardiff or Bristol) as soon as possible.

    I've tried looking, but most sites I visit only allow me to book a return flight from the UK. I just want one way.

    I'm in Rhodes at present and need to get home as quickly as I can.

    Thanks a lot!


    sometimes when in looking for holidays some details are preset for you and thats maybe whats happening with the return flight, try phoning the companys. or ask advice through a travel agency then do more research online, when iv done this i get it cheaper online but generally the travel agent will offer to help and usualy pricematch.

    iv probably been no help:roll: but i wish you lots of luck.

    Not sure if you're aware but, XL travel in the UK went bust yesterday.

    This means there are around 90,000 brits around the world trying to get back to the UK as their flights have cancelled.

    Not sure how many are stranded in Rhodes but, I reckon you aint got a hope in hell of getting home over the next few days - unless you pay top dollar:roll:

    Easyjet are quoting €329 flying tomorrow from Rhodes to London Gatwick with the lowest being €255 flying 26th September

    British Airways are quoting €464 from Athens to London Gatwick on 18th September and there are only 2 seats left.

    I take it you're not an XL customer?

    Edit : found this site which should be useful…=uk

    nothing on thomsonfly (they will let you check from rhodes to either cardiff or bristol
    still looking

    just checked thomascook and nothing but from what i've heard they've stopped selling seats home but are using all their seats to get people home try ringing +44 (0) 208 242 4783 this is the administrators helpline to help people get home
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