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    Hi everyone i'm going to New York from 1st July-8th July 2008 with a friend. We will be staying in a hostel so we have more money on sightseeing and we need to get flights now.

    The cheapest i have found is £661 for both of us with i just wondered if anybody who has booked flights to NYC can recommend in other sites to try.

    I suppose it may be abit too early. We are thinking of booking in January but if we can find a good deal maybe sooner.

    Thanks in advance!


    Why now? Airlines tend to bring their fares down 8-12 weeks before departures.

    not to places like new york or major cities, they tend to go up nearer the time people on business trips who need to go short notice are standed into paying the higher prices.

    Try the search function theres enough threads about flights to new york knocking about.

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    Ok thanks i've looked at some of the other threads, guess i'll just have to keep my eyes peeled. [url][/url] seem pretty good. Cheapest £312.90 at the moment, just don't want to leave it too long. Hopefully there will be some deals going in January.


    Use this voucher and save 20% of the fare with zoom!!!!


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    Thanks i noticed that in another thread!

    We're going a couple of weeks later and have booked with flyzoom with the voucher. Air India are about the same price if you'd prefer to fly from Heathrow.

    I agree with both posts on timing. A lot of really cracking deals come up just after Christmas if you're prepared to risk it but if they don't show or sell out quickly, you'll easily pay double what you're being quoted just now.

    We flew with Zoom 3 weeks ago to New York JFK - Excellent airline would def recommend.

    You could also check prices with Delta too !


    anyone know how much differece the 5" will make between premium & economy ????
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