Flip-down tv (8" or similar)

    Seen one for £229.99 at,but dont know much about the quality of these-dont know where to look to find a basic one.Price seems ok but how can i tell the quality? This is the type that can fit under a kitchen wall cupboard.


    The B&Q I work in have them at a special price of £99.00
    This is instore only next to the fitted kitchens.
    Hope this helps.

    maplin £99.99…mlp

    can u not consider a 15" tv or similar for wider choice and still can be on a flip down bracket?

    various on amazon…=Go

    who wil always take it back under distance selling regs if u dont like it!

    I called b&Q qnd qll they had was tv's for £400?

    Original Poster

    Trouble is-I dont know what to look for in a good tv-I wouldnt normally buy one just for cheapness-but my budget wont allow otherwise. The b &q one is not digital apparently-now £72.10
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