Flip Ultra Advice Sought

    Looking to buy a flip ultra camcorder want to pay £80 to £100 so will be 2nd gen model am confused as to what is difference between the U2120 and the U1120 and which is better I beleive they are both HD
    Would be really grateful for any advice


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    not 100% certain but I think theU1120 is the 1st gen flip which is not HD the 2120 is def the 2nd gen HD version I have just got a 3120 (3rd gen) very happy with it only real benefit over the 2120 is image stabalization ie less judder, also has flip port for yet to be released accessaries , big deal

    I would go for the U2120 and if you search you should get one for about £70 ish on ebay anyway
    £79 at pixmania…2nd

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    Also the 3rd gen flip has dropped in price to 3119 inc del at amazon so if you are willing to pay a bit more I would recommend it , check out some utube videos compareing them then decide I can say I am v happy with mine would recomend

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    £119 I mean
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