Floating Wall Shelve for PS4 Pro and Sky Box

Posted 9th Feb 2017
Hey guys,

Going to wall mount my tv but I need a bit of help locating a wooden wall shelve that will hold a PS4 Pro and Sky Box to sit below it. The PS4 depth is around 33 cms, most shelves I can find aren't anywhere near. Any recommendations?
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check ikea or get a joiner to make them? then you get what you want maybe add some led lights?
Google search comes up with quite a few. This looks good rakuten.com/pro…tml
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There are a lot on google just search tv wall mount shelf.
I recommend googling local metal work shops.. designing your own and having them make it out of scrap sheet steel it will be cheaper and miles better than anything u can buy ready made!

I've made loads of similar things for myself and friends the beauty of using steel is weight is NOT an issue and because it's thin you can make them almost invisible
Lots on Amazon. I wouldn't bother wasting your time ringing round local trades to make something for you unless you want to pay. I work for a joinery company and you would be looking at minimum £33.00 + VAT for labour plus cost of the wood and concealed brackets. Far cheaper to buy one from amazon. See link below.


There are loads for sale.
this should be ideal for you as it's 4
Try argos or Ikea, I know someone who bought one from ikea, it has a sky box, ps4 etc.
If the PS4 Pro is 33cm deep, you'll probably need to add a few more cm for the cables at the back as well, so you're probably looking at 40cm deep realistically??

Is the wall solid and will it support both devices as well?

You might want to do a bit of DIY. Got a couple of ideas (maybe a bit crazy
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Yeah think il need something around 38cms deep. Tried Ikea but they don't have any deep floating selves. The closest was Lack, but thats like 28cms. Otherwise I could buy the Besta Unit, but would rather go for a single shelve.

I seen those glass shelves Smartguy1 posted, but not really a fan of those and would rather get wooden.
I actually bought a 2 tier glass one from b&m - looks very stylish and extremely secure

I seen those glass shelves Smartguy1 posted, but not really a fan of those and would rather get wooden.[/quote]

I'm not keen on glass either. I got rid of my glass tv unit and now have a nice wood, well veneer one, from Next. The problem is how much you want to pay. Like I said I work for a joinery company and I have had these requested before. The main problem is with wood as it's quite difficult to get a solid piece of timber at the depth you require as it tends to cup. That's bend across the length. You have to laminate two smaller sections together and as soon as you start to do that then it's costing you labour time. Timber is also expensive. There are some cheaper ways to do it but it depends on what sort of finish you are after and how thick. If I was wanting to do something like this at work on the cheap we have some 44mm Oak veneer off-cuts which I would edge lip all round. The floating brackets are available from most good ironmongery shops and as the Oak is a veneer it will accept a stain or lacquer.

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We mounted a TV the other day and bought a black floating shelf from B&M. It holds the Xbox One, Virgin Media Box & Router and i think it is 36cm. It was £6.99. The Xbox is slightly over the edge but i used double sided tape pads to keep it down. I guess the PS4 Pro is smaller so you should be fine.

Edit: I have the Xbox Elite not the smaller Xbox One S
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Sorry about my comments anil, dam mobile app seems to have cut off the rest of my comments.

As I was saying, you could try a couple of these ideas (not necessary the best).

i. Buy the deepest floating shelf you can get, then get a deeper piece of wood that you can screw on top of the shelve to give you the depth you need. It may be an ugly solution, you can try to paint the wood the same colour as the shelf.
ii. Or, use shelf mounting brackets and place a custom cut piece of wood on top. Yes you will see the bracket legs against the wall, but you can create a 'fake' wall just below the shelve to hide the bracket legs and also drop down cables for from your Sky box and PS4, or even put some lighting effect behind this fake wall.

I'm not sure if I have explained it very well, but just some ideas to play with.


Have a look at these, not cheap though. 40 cm deep … Have a look at these, not cheap though. 40 cm deep shelf.http://www.bespoakinteriors.co.uk/shop/floating-shelves/floating-media-shelf-solid-oak/

Wow, those are nice, but a bit pricey alright :).

Good spot tho Smartguy
If you want laminate in most colours then these are a bit cheaper. They do 350mm deep as well as 400mm.

Happy shopping.

Yeah cheers for the input guys. Think it may be expensive for the size I require, 1200 x 400. Il keep looking. Thanks guys!
Hey I got a floating shelf and and wondering if it would hold a PS4 thanks for any help
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