Anyone suffered with secondary flooding?

    Had builders in last week and said my sub floor had been flooded and is currently drying out causing damage to walls cupboards etc...

    got a loss adjuster coming round this week.

    Just wondering what to expect as feeling a little stressed.


    I know of a friend whose house was flooded and they got everything brand new but it took months and months almost probably under a year to get it all sorted.


    Yeah I second the above.

    You will pretty much get to kit out your house with all new stuff (that that is affected). But it will be a long fight with the insurance company to get it the way you want.

    Keep in mind if you are staying in the property whilst the work is being carried out, you will be saving the insurance the cost of rehoming you. Use this as a big bargaining chip for more return ;-)

    Oh and dont ever accept the first offer

    I think you had some repiles on your other thread about it last week:…lp/

    Original Poster

    Thanks for linking the last thread. As you can see my position has moved on since the last post, but i'm still none the wiser about what happens,

    should my insurence have ask me to get my own builders in? I thought they assign a loss adjuster and they do all the running around.

    Are they independent from my insurence company or is the loss adjuster going to try and save costs for the insurance company,

    I hate the fact i have to barter to get my house sorted, got two children under 4 years and currently concerned about their health, People keep quoting Black water and thats what has been drying out.
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