Floor tile adhesive

    Please can any one recommend a ceramic floor tile adhesive for use on a concrete floor which has had vinyl tiles stuck down with bitumen adhesive,The tiles are to be laid in a bathroom so i would like a quick setting adhesive .
    Many thanks in advance


    You need to seal the floor first then use cement based stuff for the floor. It would be best to remove the old floor first down to the concrete but if not possible you have to go on top.

    Will it not come up / scrape using blow torch?

    if you're anywhere near dundee i've got a spare bag of dunlop PTB adhesive?

    Bitumen can be a swine.

    If you can't get all the bitumen off I recommend using a primer to seal (you just paint it on) and then use regular tile adhesive but add a "flexing agent" (about £10 a litre from DIY shops).

    I have had experience with pure asphalt/bitumen floors and without the flexing agent the tiles would lift straight off after a few days.
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