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    I wonder if anyone here can offer some assistance. I have just bought some floor tiles and would like these fitted by someone who knows what they are doing (i.e. not me!!!). In the past I always relied on my father to do such jobs, unfortunately he passed away so I am now at the stage of paying for jobs.

    What is the rough price to have a small cloakroom 1*2 metre square tiled. using 30cm*30cm tiles. Ideally I would like the WC removed and tiled underneath and the WC replaced. Hopefully this is enough info to get some idea of a price.

    Thanks for your time.

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    It will depend on the sub floor e.g. old tiles, concrete I would think you would get a minimum charge for a small area but I am not sure you will get a floor layer to remove the toilet pan. Ask a local flooring shop how much it would be for a guide then check yellow pages for independant flooring contractors, if you can get a recommend so much the better
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