Floors2go going bust????

    Does anyone have any information about floors 2 go? Some friends of mine were told day before yesterday that PART of the co. had gone into receivership and that some stores were closing down immediately with the stock been moved to other stores which were still going to be trading. They had already paid in advance for the flooring and the fitter. Luckily they managed to get to the store and collect the flooring they had paid for but are still £200 down for the fitter who won't be doing it anymore as floors2go owe him money aswell (don't think this was a contractor, think he worked part time for them anyway). My friend rang every lead she could find yesterday, but just kept hitting brick walls. Anyone got any information they could share?


    We were meant to get some floors off them and they were scheduled to measure up but they have gone bust, all the Manchester branches have closed.

    Basingstoke branch closed too

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