Floppy drive - Black colour?

    Yes I know it is very old and Yes I do know what a CD is lol. I just need a black one, anyone selling or anything or for giving for free *eyes sparkle*. hehe.

    Lemme know! Thanx!


    i didn't know you can get 5.25" floppys

    mines 6

    Original Poster

    Sorry lol, edited! :thumbsup:

    Come on someone bound to have a spare floppy drive black :-D

    5.25" floppies are the original floppy ones rather than the hard 3.5" diskettes they got replaced with. I'd just look around locally. The 3.5" ones shouldn't be too hard to find, assuming you want IDE of course.

    If you mean the disk, I think we've got a number of them in a drawer downstairs, I'll check and log on and let you know later. Wouldn't want money for it, but postage costs if that's ok.
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