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Anyone any ideas on how to go about booking a decent holiday to the States, I am looking to take 2 Adults, 1 Child 3-4 years and an infant, anyone any ideas on the cheaper months or who to go with etc?
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Expensive time is the summer ( Very Hot ) and obviously the School Hols.

Hurricane season is June throught to November. Always a chance

Cheap time is normally mid Jan throught to March. Weather is changeable. This week temperatures are 11 - 23 Celcius. Sunny / Sunny periods..

greenorangevillas.com/dis…JLg gives you the likely weather by month..

Anyone any ideas on how to go about booking a decent holiday to the … Anyone any ideas on how to go about booking a decent holiday to the States, I am looking to take 2 Adults, 1 Child 3-4 years and an infant, anyone any ideas on the cheaper months or who to go with etc?

try virgins website. they are advertising a 2 week holiday in a disney hotel for 599 in june this year so may be worth a look. June seems to be a cheap time to go- iwent in june last year and booked it all separately last minute and prices were a lot cheaper.

have a look at thomsom also. theres a voucher on this site for £150 off a £1200 spend.
I have always gone to Florida with Travel City Direct as they can tailor make a package for you and make it cheaper as well as they are a direct firm and don't do their business through travel agents.
We have been with them a number of times and woul dnever go with anyone else!
I'd go about may time as the weather is getting nice and warm (compared to the UK) you don't get the thunderstorms that you get in the summer and the South American and US kids aren't on holiday either so the theme parks and shopping areas are less crowded as well.
May is normally a pretty good time to go. The weather is warm but it is not as hot and humid as you get from June onwards.

Travel City Direct are pretty good but it is worth shopping around. May is the start of the summer holiday season and the prices are at their lowest with all the tour operators. Airtours have also been advertising some good prices in Orlando in the travel trade newspapers (I work in the travel industry so get the trade publications).

If I can help further please let me know
There are a lot of new deals out at the moment for theme park tickets, saw them all in the travel trade papers this week. Let me know if you want all the details
Disney do a good deal for Brits. You can get a fourteen day pass for around £160 which covers the four theme parks, the water parks and DisneyQuest. I can recommend [url]www.orlando-ticket-deals.co.uk[/url]. We have used these on several occasions and they send real tickets (some companies send you a voucher which has to be changed up when you get there). You have to buy these tickets before you go though.

We also like to book a villa, especially with a family. It's nice to come home from a busy day at the parks when the children are tired and want to go to bed, you can then relax by your own private pool with a nighcap. The children also love having a private pool. There is lots of competition at the moment, so you can often get a really good deal.

There are also excellent deals for car hire which work out cheaper than paying the extra required insurance and upgrades for "free car hire" with packages.

Late November/early December are fairly cheap and you also get the Christmas shows etc in early December which are lovely. :santa:
We went Oct which was still hot, odd afternoon showers but OK.

Taking a child and infant, we did this a while back. Although we had a great time, with hindsight the only part of any interest to them was Magic Kingdom. We spent all our time in just that one area. We bought too many tickets for things we wanted to see but they were past thier best by then eg typhoon lagoon, they were just as happy by the hotel pool. Yrs later when we went - youngest was 8. Totally different, they wanted to do and go on everything (just us who didn't have the stamina then!) He has no memory of going when he was 3.

Although adults can go on the other rides in the park, in reality it's not much fun on your own and partner got a bit resentful - left with tired / overwhelmed children who only wanted to be on the carousel for the 15th time

You can negotiate your own rates with individual hotels, they are open to bartering. We reduced the published hotel rate by 50%, worth the price of the phone call - once we had got a range of prices off the internet.
This is not as complicated as it seems. I have said this many times. Buy your flight as far as head as possible, preferably with a scheduled airline and I am biased towards the american carriers (they usualy have a short stop off Continetal - Newark / Delta - Atlanta) this i Know may not be practical if you have young children then you may have to use BA at your peril or Virgin. Next your hotel use Hotwire / Priceline you can get a room in the Orlando area for under $50 (currently £25) per night per room, (none of this per person rubbish). Then your car hire, use the trawler search engines Travel supermarket or Travel Jungle or one of my favourites Carhire3000. This all seems a bit like hard workbut it puts you in controle and more importantly will work out cheaper. Good luck
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