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Hey there, hoping you guys may be able to offer me some advice please.

Looking to visit Florida in August from the 22nd till about the 2nd of September. I have been looking for flights recenly and the best I can get is about £420.

Is there any good websites to use or is it worth just waiting till July and see if the prices come down?

Any advice is most welcome and appreciated.



I am going in August so I am constantly looking boked earlier last year and my friends booked about 3 wks before they went and they got a much cheaper flight than me with Virgin, they paid £340, but the charterss are already starting to reduced fare so I am waiting, Im going 14th August to 4th Septeber and friends going 21st August to 4th September who did you get a £420 price with!

Florida is an awfully big place. What part of Florida do you mean?

If you mean Orlando and the theme park area I would think twice about going in August.

As one web site says:
"There is no doubt that the summer months are the absolute worst time to visit any amusement/theme park, anywhere! It's hot and lines are long due to vacations and school breaks. Did I mention that it's hot? Especially in Florida".

Another web site says:

"What's the Worst Time to Visit?

"I'd have to say July and August are the worst times for Orlando Florida weather. Count on temperatures in the 90's and humidity near 100% most days. Showers are frequent, and after the rain the pavement tends to steam - yikes!"

And someone asks about going to Orlando in August on ths web site, and almost every answer says dont go in August:


Original Poster

Well, the best price i found was around that price but i cant remember who it was with. I have to go in August though, i have no choice as I am meeting my GF out there who is working in America for the summer. So you think its best to wait until say a month till i go. The dates you mentioned in regards to your mates is the pretty much the exact dates I am looking for. Thing is Hotels seem really cheap, just getting a decent price for the flight is screwing me over. I just dont want t leave it to late as i am worried i wont get a flight.

With regards to location it would be Orlando and theme parks. Was looking to hire a car and maybe drive down to Miami to.

August is a really GOOD time I love August in Orlando, I used to live in Orlando and my o/h worked there, It can be humid, but I have also lived in Queensland so I guess I am no stranger to hot weather but the reason I love florida in august is the rain, it rains some days in the afternoon and it just freshens everything up and takes the humidity out of the air, you can guaranatee it will be hot and the evenings are really beautiful, it never cools down too much to go swimming at Midnight.
There is nothing quite like warm weather after the rain and the rain is also warm.

Also you are right hotels are so cheap you can get a really good one of 192 or I drive for under £20 per night, some with breakfast, I have a timeshare so use my bonus weeks every year, also eating and drinking really cheap they have a Taco Bell and tacos and burritos are 59cents also Wendys Salad $1 Baked Potato $1
really cheap places to eat, you will also find that August is great because all the americans have gone back to school and college so its a bit easier in the parks especially at the end of August

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Gutted.....it doesnt look good at all. I still think i will wait till July and just hope for the best and just keep a look out for any deals that may arise between now and then.

I have been a number of times in August to Florida, I wouldn't say it is the worst time to go at all. I think August is one of the best times to go. Yes you do get showers in the afternoon but they don't normally last too long.

Airlines are putting up their fuel supplements again, the scheduled carriers have already announced their increases so the charter airlines will follow right behind them and increase theirs. There is no guarantee that prices will come down, if the price of oil keeps going up the way it is then there is a high chance that fuel supplements will go up again.

Where are you looking to travel from?

Octobergirl is absolutely right in everything that she has said. We've only been looking at November flights this year and Virgin is way out in front, so check them out.
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