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Found 12th Jan 2006
I want to go to florida for 2 weeks on 3rd feb 2007.
One week in the Holiday inn In lake buena vista and a week in miami.

For 2 adults and 2 kids one will be 6 and one will be 14. Would like a decent car and insurance.

Would really like to fly Virgin and have been quoted £3200 for the 4 of us.

thanks peeps

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I was not sure which airport in the UK you wanted to fly from & which Airport in Florida

I have found Virgin Non Stop - £2601 for flights for 2adults & 2children

However if you go using United Airlines via Washington, adding a couple of hours onto your Travel, you can obtain flights for £1199, saving £1402. Is this any help?

my mistake, those prices are based on 2006.
Still a good deal although a year out for yourself

2007 is probably a bit far ahead to plan this type of thing folkestonelisa? Unless you mean 2006?

Yeah many airlines and travel companies do not have brochures prepared and therefore do not release the information

Original Poster

Nope its definetly 2007.

Have had a few quotes online as a lot of holiday companies are going up to march next year.

I want to travel with a decent airline as last time we went with travel city direct and its was not good :x

Looks like ill have to book the virgin one
Thanks anyway

I might hang on folkestonelisa... you have a long time to go until you actually need to book. There is no real advantage to booking this far ahead on a major airline, you'll probably be better off hanging in there and waiting for a seat sale or something to come up. Also you have to consider that your money is gone, locked up without earning interest, for over a year. If you're paying on credit card it's even worse than that. Also you will probably be able to get the same price or better in the meantime. For example look at lee's price, it is £2601 on Virgin for 1 month from now compared to your price of £3200 for over a year away.

Just something to consider...

Original Poster

wanted to book it so that i could pay monthly.

Think ill wait a few months and just pretend that im paying a direct debit (ifkwim)
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