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I'm going to spend a week, maybe longer in Florida.
Just wanted to ask what would you recommend to see? How to save some money?
We are in our Twenties, no kids, except for a 27 year old Spiderman fan
Is Disney world something for adults? Never been to one.
Just would be good to hear some advice.

Thanks for any help!


get a Universal ticket for the two parks my daughter just bought a 14 days pass for £79, disney is realy expensive to get in and if you are only there for 7 days its the same price for the ticket for 14 days I think its about £60 per day for a day pass for disney and £220 for 14 days and £220 for 7 days. there are lots of things to do take a look at us car hire site and go to the bottom and go to attraction tickets it will give you some idea everything is listed there and the prices are really competative. Cheapest places to eat = Taco Bell, Wendys, Dennys, Subway. Best Mall Florida Mall but my favourite is Festival Bay Mall. Go to the Gap outlet- the converse shop there always has an amazing sale. JC Penny's in the Mall are good, always been a sale wheen Ive been there too Arizona label clothes are really good quality. I used to live there so if you need any more information pm ne. also where are you staying!
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Universal studios > disney, i hate disney, its always jam packed and the food sucks:P

loads of stuff to do, do NOT go to parks every day it's too exhausting

Universal and SeaWorld
Very cheap food at Ponderosa - not fantastic quality

Excellent restaurant - Capital Grille on IDrive. Olive Garden also good value for money
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Go to universal and do the spiderman ride,found it the best ride in all the parks.

It depends on the type of holiday your after. The Mrs is in to Animal Kingdom and Epcot... Me, I'm in to the coasters.

For our upcoming trip we bought:
Discovery Ultimate (Dolphin Swim all inclusive):
- Busch Gardens
- SeaWorld
- Aquatica
£150 from Travel Republic
Universal Studios 3 Park tickets:-
- Universal Studios
- Island of Adventure
- Wet n Wild
- CityWalk (Clubs)
£103 from Travel Republic

There are rumours that the Spiderman ride will be closing down at the end of this year for a major refurb. Introduce new 3d Projectors. Its a good ride but certainly not the best.

If you plan to drive make sure you budget for the car parking at the theme parks. Usually around $10-$12. It soon adds up.

Its worth planning an itinerary before you go... You don't want to end up doing back to back theme parks for a full week, it'll kill you. Try to go to theme parks on the quiet days:…php

The Dibb is a very good place to answer any and all questions.

my advice would be buy your theme park tickets here in the UK we bought the 2 day passes for Universal last Sept and it cost us over $400 for 2 adults 1 child.
Disney have much better deals over here then over there, 14 days for the price of 7.
Have to say Disney is the best for shows, fireworks and some rides, scare factor ride would be islands of adventure or Busch gardens.
havent been to seal world in over 15 years so no idea what its like there. is a good site for tips.
take bottle water with you, suncream, comfy shoes, light clothing get there early and leave late, we got to the parks by 10am and left once they closed brilliant fun.
Islands of adventure have loads of water rides, so if you dont mind staying in soggy clothes its ok, if not take a spare set in the car.
if you are staying in a hotel use the free transport to the parks cos parking is a killer. or Park at Disney market place and get the bus from there.
go have fun, enjoy it all! and say hi to Mickey Mouse for me lol

Universal Islands of Adventure is the best theme park for grown up rides, for sure. Disney has the edge when it comes to atmosphere, but I expect it's not as good without kids.

Foodwise look out for Ponderosa and Sizzler... dirt cheap buffets, and you can fill up enough at breakfast that you won't need to eat again until the evening =)

Keep an eye out for voucher books, which they have in hotel receptions and on the checkout at loads of retailers.

Prime Outlets Orlando Mall if you're into brand name stuff.
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going during the off-season may help

Original Poster

Thank you so far.
Would you say Disney World is a must? Or is it pretty same like in Paris?
I would like to see the Everglades too, the keys Sea World maybe, some diving would be cool.


Thank you so far. Would you say Disney World is a must? Or is it pretty … Thank you so far. Would you say Disney World is a must? Or is it pretty same like in Paris?I would like to see the Everglades too, the keys Sea World maybe, some diving would be cool.

Disney is a must with kids, but it depends what you guys are like. If you can drag yourself away from the fact that it's just a bloke in a mouse suit, you'll love it

we are a similar age to you two and had no kids with us.
We loved universal which we got for around £71 each for a 14 day pass to both parks from, the tickets were with us in around 5 days, you pay in dollars.
That company also sells disney Magic Your Way tickets (MYW) which would be better for a shorter visit to florida.
All of disney was great but I'd say that the magic kingdom is probably more for kids (although we still enjoyed a day there).

We also went on an airboat ride with boggy creek airboat tours, which was great and visited the kennedy space centre. Busch gardens was also a fabulous day. Best of all was probably discovery cove - we got our tickets from travel republic at a fantastic price and paid £60 for mine and £120 for hubbys (he swam with the dolphins which i didnt do) and we also got a choice of free entry for either sea world, busch gardens or aquatica water park included in the price, we opted for sea world which i love as we had already been to them all but i wanted to go back to sea world.

Are you planning on going somewhere each day? 7 days will not be long enough lol, you'll have to go back again

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Don't forget bush gardens, the 1st time we went we didn't go and regreated it untill we went back for our honeymoon. They do a coach so you don't even have to drive. x have fun really jealous lol
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