Florida Holiday For Aug 2009

    i need help trying to find a good deal for me and my family to go to disney etc and a nice place to stay.
    any idea's please????????


    If you are going next year, start buying £20 worth of dollars every time you visit bank its surprising how it mounts up - I go every year, sometimes twice and I have a timeshare in Wales but am a member of Interval and RCI so I get 12 gettaways and the americans go back to school in august so there is always plenty of availability, if you plan going again its a brilliant thing to have, you could buy a cheap timeshare (as little as £500 on ebay) and it gets you into the system. I have been an owner for over 10 yrs and its the best thing I have ever done. I also used to live in Orlando so if you want any more information let me know p/m me

    I am really interested in this timeshare mullarky. Can you explain it to me and how it's good deal? I thought timeshare=rip off!!
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