Florida holiday ideas

Found 7th May 2018
Can you Holiday in Florida and not go to any theme parks ? Any ideas of what to do and see please !
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space centre. Miami. the everglades.
Discovery Cove

Nice chilled exclusive day, all inclusive with food and drinks, great lazy river, stroke a dolphin and chill with some amazing sea life.
Wild Florida is brilliant
Clearwater beach. Beautiful, relaxing
Best part of Orlando is the road out if it, so much to see and do from beaches, island to wildlife it just depends on what you want to do. Georgia with its history is just north and flights can be cheaper, again beaches islands, wildlife and history and further up you have the Carolinas.

Florida can be an acquired taste, south eastern end is our favourite but we prefer Georgia and South Carolina ourselves.
Thanks for all the ideas
Road trip around the keys, starting in Melbourne, then working your way round.
Look at Sarasota and Siesta Key, my parents used to visit this area a lot.
Thanks will take a look
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