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Found 27th Aug 2017
Hi guys,

Looking for some advice on Florida Parks, preferably from somebody who has been there before!

My girlfriend and I are looking at heading to America next year, mainly to do the Florida theme parks. We've been looking at prices for theme park tickets and they are pretty nuts, about £600-700 per person to do what we want but all of the tickets are for multiple days, or week passes to the parks. The thing is we are only going to be spending a day maximum in each of the parks we want to visit.

Do you know if there is a way to buy just day tickets to parks if we are in the area or preferably online beforehand? The parks we're looking at doing are:

Universal Islands of Adventure
Universal Studios
Busch Gardens
Disney (Magical Kingdom only)

On the subject of Disney, it seems like you can't get a ticket for Magical Kingdom on its' own... is that right?

Thanks in advance, any help you can give would be great!
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Wait until Christmas time lots if online shops have sales on their Disney tickets like Orlando-ticket-deals. see money saving expert for extra discounts.
They are expensive, day rate will be stupid price too. Best option is to get a mulit park multi day pass even if you only intend to do each once (I think that will be difficult to be honest you will miss out on lots of stuff). I am sure there is a ticket that covers all those but forget name
A multi park ticket for around £570 tends to be the cheapest way of doing it as some park day passes can cost £70 each or more. There are different multi park passes so you may find that a 10 park 14 day pass has what you need
Personally, I'd ditch Busch Gardens. Its nice, but you'll be coaster'd out after the others. Consider a trip to nearby Kennedy Space Centre for a change of scene. No coasters, but big history as only the Yanks can do it.
Also, if you can, avoid going in July August. Heat, queues, humidity, crowds, thunderstorms....
I found I got sick of parks after going to 7 in 12 days.
Imo Universal parks best for adults...more modern rides and apart from Epcot my family was underwhelmed by Disney - the commercialism was so off putting there..rubbish toys for sale at silly prices... The local Walmart had Disney merch a LOT cheaper..
Expect to walk yr feet off btw we were astonished at how big these places are. Expensive but you do feel like you get money's worth. Do early in the day if going in summer. If you get there when park opens or go back later evening its not too crazy to queue for rides.
Go to the dibb, best and most accurate info
Very hard to get great discounted tickets although you'll see many adverts saying the reverse. Best is to go assuming you'll pay high price and be happy with what savings you make. Another tips - them park one day, shopping next, theme park next ect. If you are going with a gang get the leaflets for the parks and get everyone to pick their top 3 to 5 rides, then go to the area where the most of those rides are first it'll save you time. Take food, water and have a backup plan each day.
I also recommend thedibb.co.uk - got loads of advice when I was planning my
Florida holiday.
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