Floureon ip dome camera no longer working on other wifi or Mobile data.

Posted 25th OctEdited by:"SOUTHWALES"
Hi, my floureon camera is connected wirelessly to my home wifi, me and my wife view the camera from are phones, when out and about using are cellular data, we have not used the camera for a few weeks but now notice we can only connect to the camera when at home and on are home wife the same wifi the camera is connected to, once we leave the house and switch to cellular it will no longer connect, also we could use it when connected to other wifi connection such as work but again no longer possible. anyone any idea what has changed? Have tried resetting camera and still will not connect when we are away from home.
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Sounds like an issue with the app. Try updating the cameras firmware from the manufacturers website.
Sounds like a ddns problem.
Sounds like a problem with the cloud/P2P server the camera uses. Also check you haven't disabled p2p or cloud settings on the camera, or blocked outbound connections from it to the internet.

A lot of IP camera apps will connect directly to cameras when they are on the same LAN rather than connecting through the server, as it saves on server load, reduces lag, and is more reliable. Some will also allow a direct wifi connection to the camera if they are unable to connect establish their normal wifi connection to the router, sometimes open without password protection.
Check my dns is still working, restart the hole lot. You should be able to turn off your mobile Wi-Fi then check connection to cctv
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