Flowers for Valentines

    Just wondered where people thought was the cheapest but best place to get flowers from to be delivered on Valentines day?



    I thought Valentines day was cancelled this year because of the lack of credit? well that's what I'm telling my girlfriend and I'm sticking to it.

    Local florist usually best value imo and you can choose exactly what you want :thumbsup:

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    local florist:)

    can't get there - how about online? lol


    can't get there - how about online? lol

    you could always give the local florist a phone.:thumbsup:

    phone your local florist


    you could always give the local florist a phone.:thumbsup:

    great minds

    when you buy flowers online they arrive in a box!!! not as good as a local florist !

    Their is a company called Interflora which deals in flowers and you can order online and get it delievered or pick it up from your local Interflora shop. I've used them before and they are quite reasonable for flowers. You might not even realise but they may be part of your local florist! I didnt until i picked them up and they were just down the road from me lol.


    just dont buy flowers buy box chocolates an nice bottle of bubbly instead are really good. I'ved used them a few times and quality was excellent.

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    Chocs are a no-no.

    Had already thought of the obvious places, was looking for places where better value might be achieved.

    Will take a look at Valueflora - thanks.

    M&S ? i got M&S flowers last year
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