Flowery neck things lol :)

    Don't know if anyone can help but i hope so.

    I'm off to a "beach party" (theme) tomorrow night and i need to get 1 of those flower necklace things that go round your neck.
    Anybody know what they're actually called and is there anywhere that sells them either online or instore.

    Rep for your help



    A lei? Ebay have loads

    Ooh for tomorrow? Didn't spot that....fancy dress shop near you?

    plenty on amazon but nobody doing next day delivery-should be able to get this in claires if you have one nearby.

    Hi there, i think what you are looking for is called a Lei..... i do know that Asda sell them, they are usually located amongst the party and hen night sort of things.

    Try Claire's accessories (think I saw some there the other day) or I think Asda do them in the gift wrap/party section.

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys, rep'd

    pound shop had them

    Sorry, only just noticed I repeated what was said in the two posts above! Oops!

    They're known as Ley's or Garlands, Think someone has already said Asda sell them, I saw them in my local and you could get a pack (i think for about £5) which had that in and wrist ones too lol. Have fun x

    entertainer also sell these if you have nearby.


    asda do a range of them think they only couple of quid hun x

    'birthdays' the card shop has these, also supermarkets or discount stores

    Original Poster

    Thanks all rep'd.
    Got some in Birthdays in the end
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