flubit offers higher price than amazon

an item I was eyeing up on Amazon is for £55 when I tried flubit on the same item it turned up as "Final Price: £74.73". the issue is with amazon showing the main seller as the primary seller and itself as a sub seller where they sell it cheaper.
what can i do to get flubit to recognis amazon as the seller.



enter a link featuring the amazon price

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Sorry I thought I placed the link:


I have no idea how to? thnx


Flubit is a joke at the moment, placed an order and it was cancelled, so placed another order and that was cancelled, so I spoke to the supplier who told me they had no stock. So I spoke to flubit who said they had fixed the problem so I placed an other order went to the same merchant as previously they now had stock but the price had risen! Absolute joke

Flubit have been useless for me since joining. Never get offered more than 5% discount and on the one occasion the item arrived faulty getting it exchanged was much more convoluted than you'd expect.

Apart from a 'lost' package a while back (quickly refunded), i've always had good service from Flubit. Got an item today at 6% off, had 12% off a book a few weeks back. Discount seems to always be 6% or 12% for me.

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I'm starting to doubt flubit, it's my first time trying them. Anyone knows how to transform the link so that Amazon is the seller ?

i ordered an item through flubit and it was sent by amazon slightly cheaper than they previously had it on offer for sent the link to flubit from amazon and then amazon fullfilled my order even cheaper !


I never use Flubit anymore - once they aligned themselves with Amazon only, it became a waste of time.

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thanks everyone for the help, it seems ive sorted out the issue by adding the item to my basket and then viewing it from the basket, such that a link for the amazon price is generated

I use them from time to time, haven't experienced anything negative, it's better than nothing so what's to complain?

If you're purchasing something which is reduced and are likely to go up any time soon, then it's pretty obvious your orders going to become void.


Flubit that link instead and you should get a cheaper price. Your linking the £74 item so that's the price they're beating with that offer

Avoid like the plague.

Ordered two items, both never arrived.

A nightmare trying to get my money back.

Complete scam.
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