Fluorescent tube trouble - d.i.y. advice please

    I have two tube lights in my kitchen, have replaced both the tube lights not long ago, one of them isn't coming on now. Don't think it could have blown that quickly. I thought it could be the starter, but then wouldnt both of them not come on? I don't know anything about d.i.y. as you can tell


    Have you tried swapping the tubes with each other...that will tell you if it's the tube thats gone

    is there two starters, one per tube

    I used to have the same in my kitchen, and had the same problem. Might just be a build ip of grease on the contacts (casing). Make sure the power is off, then give them a good wipe. Better still, take off the casing (usually just two screws holding it in place, and remove any dust, grease and, as I found, cobweb. It isn't the starter if one comes on.

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    Thanks everyone, swapped the starters over (there are two) and one of the starters isnt working, so going to get another one later on repd u all
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