Found 22nd Mar 2009
Hi guys, I received the above as a gift from my wife, but due to job commitments, various exams coming up (i am a doctor) and wife not ready to help me with cleaning and looking after the aquarium anymore, I am planning to sell this beautiful aquarium of mine along with over 25 wide variety of fishes (Tropical).

I wanted to assess the value of the aquarium along with the cabinet and fishes (for obvious reasons collection).

The specs are as follows:

Roma 200 Aquarium and Cabinet, excellent extra deep design, black finish aquarium with colour decal supplied for the new style hood.
Aquarium size 100cm long x40cm wide x 50cm high.
Volume 200 litres
Filled with brand leading items,
Roma 200 - Fluval U2 Internal Filter (x2), Tronic Heater 200watt
Fluval GLO lighting, one of each 30watt PowerGlo & AquaGlo.
LCD thermometer, Fluval Aquarium Care Guide.
100ml Nutrafin Aqua Plus & Cycle. 26g Nutrafin Tropical Flake food.

Roma 200 Cabinet in Oak or Black included in this price.

In Oak supplied with reversible doors offering a choice of an all Oak cabinet or Mocha (Chocolate) coloured doors. Push and release door catches with no visible handles.

There are normally only one filter included with the aquarium, however I bought another extra one which alone costs roughly £90.00 to buy. The total roughly would cost nearly £300 + the prices of the fishes (which I rekon would be around £150).

I completely understand that I would not be getting £550 for this....however how much would other people market it at?

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Might be worth you watching this auction number :

Item number: 330315328963

Sounds like same thing, if not there is a cabinet the same model number as yours on same site:
Item number: 290294475821 (buy it now price £59.75)

We have an AquaOne 620 which we bought new and the cabinet - got home to find the same thing being sold on ebay quarter of the price - seems they dont hold their value very well (sadly)

people even sell fish on there ...might be worth considering / or maybe post them on here on the trade forums (are you near Staffordshire?)

Might be worth you watching this auction number :Item number: 330315328963

This item only has a capacity of 90L, however mine is a 200L capacity and with 2 filters!

I wanted to know the price range first before posting it on the For Sale/Trade section.
But I might do that soon.

Thanks once again
I am based in Harrow, West London.
Second hand one for sale (same name as yours) £250


thnx for location - too far, thnx anyway
Thanks a lot for the information. really appreciated it, rep added!
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