Flux Capacitor + Mr Fusion Reactor! Only £195,000.95 + FREE SHIPPING!!! @ Shopneo

Found 19th Sep 2010
Travel back in time and play lead guitar at your parents Under the Sea dance! Travel into the future and watch Jaws 3D! Travel to the Wild West in 1885 and drink Sasparilla like a real man does!

A real bargain at £195,000.95 - heck, it pays for itself once you've gone to the future and bought the 1950-2000 Gray's Sports Almanac!

*Plutonium not included

"The famed and fabled Flux Capacitor! Many flux capacitor designs have come and gone in the marketplace. Most have only been compatible with certain low production paintless cars. But now, Neo Technologies has brought to you a modern Flux Capacitor fully compatible with any present day vehicle! This item may be expensive, but can you place a price on time travel?

As Plutonium is illegal we do not supply this - however we do provide our own Mr. Fusion Reactor free of charge. It's a bit of a rip-off copy but works just as well."
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Ordered 2 what a steal !!!
Soooooo bored of these (_;)
choc1969, you're bored of flux capacitors? How many do you have?? :P
Can Never Get Enough Of These I Have 15 at the Moment !!!!!!
Just wait, in a few years youll get these free in your cornflakes.
I have a £5 code if that helps anyone...

Its Jaw 19 3D (directed by Max Speilberg of course) btw...I'm sooo embarassed I know that (_;)
would rather crap like this didn'y clog up the boards it's just a cheap publicity stunt that hotdeals shouldn't allow
Moved to Misc; bought one. Travelled back in time - bought 100 houses for £500 each in the 1940's then zipped forward to 2007 and sold them for £100,000 each. Sorted.
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