Fly BMI or British Airways Discount Codes/Vouchers >> Or Any Cheap carriers Manchester to London ??

    I am looking at travelling to London from Manchester but it is still a little pricey, I would much rather Fly than Drive so any help with bringing the price down would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance



    on moneysavingexpert he was talking of virgins new £1 train tickets, manc to london, london to manc - ok, it would be three-ish hours on a train, but when you look at 1+1/2 hrs in airport and 1 hr flight and then travel into london, it works out a roughly the same time. and at a possible £2 return, much cheaper.

    I'd recommend the train, 2hr 15 minutes from central to central, used to do it at least twice a month. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the plane and a hell of a lot less stressful.

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    I looked at the train originally but the cheapest was £33 Rtn, then a £10.50 travel card x2 (Arrive Wed Night return Thurs night) = £55.00 (I can't find a link for the £1/Cheap fares?)

    Driving approx £60/£70 in petrol...

    Fly BMI = £87.00

    Travelling the evening of Weds 31st >>> Interview Thurs AM >>> Returning home the Evening of Thurs 1st Aug

    Again all help is appreciated

    dude - i dont mean to get you all worried about interview dates but wednesday is the 30th and thyrsday is the 31st! Dont want you to turn up on the wrong dates!

    ill keep looking for you thou, give us a mo

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    I am losing the plot mate,

    I shouldn't be online at work so I am trying to type quickly and flick between screens with out being caught....

    you are right -

    Outbound - Wed 30th Aug
    Inbound - Thur 31st Aug


    OK here goes

    £1 each way by coach. Just short of 5 hours, no changes, just get on in manchester and get off in london!

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    sounds good mate, only thing is timings >>

    Finish work at 18:00 in the Centre of Manchester on the Wed

    Interview is at 10:00 on Thurs AM

    Work again Friday in Manchester at 09:00

    Great fun trying to sort it out

    see if you can leave work a little early and get this one instead!!!!

    MANCHESTER CENTRAL, Coach Station, Chorlton Street, Greater Manchester Departs: 18:05
    Victoria Coach Station, London, Greater London Arrives: 22:50

    Cost = £5 single

    Victoria Coach Station, London, Greater London Departs:__________________________16:30
    MANCHESTER CENTRAL, Coach Station, Chorlton Street, Greater Manchester Arrives: ___21:10

    cost = £1 single

    be quick as there are only a few £1 seats left, then they rise to £5 each way!

    this is now the best i can find!


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    Much appreciated mate

    The Virgin traons print at home website can be found at…spx

    Tickets cost between £1 and £9 depending on number sold. They are currently selling tickets upto 14th August. They usually release tickets in a block about 1 month in advance. They are only valid for the train booked and are not refundable, do not get on a different train, they will charge the full standard fare of £135. They following services from Manchester to London are included.
    MAN Euston
    Dep Arr
    09:15 11:28
    10:15 12:26
    11:15 13:28
    12:15 14:26
    14:05 17:22
    15:15 17:27
    19:15 21:36
    20:15 22:52
    Be quick to book as the dates you list are still in the school holidays and will get snapped up quickly.

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    Cheers for the train times >> On the way there they are great but there are no times late enough on the way home!!

    Sham as for £16 it would have been worth leaving early...

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