Found 2nd Sep 2016
Hi, can anyone recommend a decent smelling fly spray? The "Raid" brand is unbearable

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But you'll need to use one of these with it for it be fully effective.

We recently stopped using Raid as we just got one of these:…MJA

i use the cheap clear anti bacterial cleaner spray that is usually less than a quid in most supermarkets, it makes them drop like flies if you pardon the pun and it doesnt smell half as bad

It's designed to smell bad so people do not stay and breath it in.


We recently stopped using Raid as we just got one of … We recently stopped using Raid as we just got one of these:

I want one. Thanks. X)

i actually like the smell of raid, smells like furniture polish

I had one of those raquet things for a bit (I'm a squash player), but I've gone back to raid now as easier and more effective.

Also, let's face it, spraying a fly with anything containing chemicals will not yield a tremendous spurt in its well-being. Raid is just quicker. Try Febreze or Lynx, or virtually anything else you fancy. The fly's behaviour will soon be so compromised you can swat it/pick it up with a vacuum cleaner, etc.

We moved away from Raid spray because we disliked having to leave the room after spraying and letting it take its course. Also disliked the idea in everything getting a misting of the spray. Also the smell and not to mention never having to run out plus being cheaper.
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