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Has anyone ever used an electric fly zapper abroard? You know the ones that plug in and they have a bright light that attracts the flies then they are zapped! Just been looking at some on the internet, prices start from less than a tenner but was just wondering if anyone could recommened a ceratin type as there are quite a few to choose from, and also do they actually work? Cheers.

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I bought a fly zapping tennis racket in Amsterdam for about 3 euros and it was well worth the money. Good fun too

Do you think flies are stupid? They're only any use if the offending fly is depressed.

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Yeah, ive seen the racket ones and I will get one of those but I was also thinking of something you could possibly leave plugged in at nightime whist your sleeping - thats when the mosquitos usually get me!

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What about buying a net? Cheaper and lighter to carry?

Heard that the electric fly zapper you plug-in are very good, They catch "anything thats flies" but you get this "buzz" sound everytime it catches something..........oO.
The rackets are good too, but you have to chase the thing ( Anyone tried running after a wasp !!??) Very hard to catch!!

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Just fed up of being bit so much by mosquitios at night abroard. Might get one anyway as wont be too heavy in the case.

Wrap urself in Sellotape sticky side out lol
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