Found 2nd Nov 2017
hello my bargain hunter

so i am. flying with flybe local.

and i have clicked hand luggage, now my bag is 5 cm too big, i am going for 3 days.

A family member has a suitcase but i worry it might be too small, and when I flew with ryan air there never did a bag size check.

but too add 15 kg it's like 22 extra one way so 44 pounds, plus more ques at airport.

so should i risk it with the hefty fine

should i get a smaller but big enough bag buying one.

should i borrow the smaller suitcase but might not get all stuff in

or pay the extra upgrade luggage charge
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In my experience as a semi-regular flyer (10-20 flights a year, or thereabouts), the pattern I tend to see is that staff are only really bothered about bags being a little oversize if the flight's full and they're struggling for cabin space, or if they're feeling a bit wanky.

Personally, I'd avoid the danger and just go with a suitable-sized rucksack. And pack efficiently - you're only going for a few days, so it's not as if you need to take much with you.
what is a suitable size rucksack
One that fulfills Flybe's hand luggage criteria
All Flybe customers travelling on Flybe, Stobart Air, Blue Islands and Eastern Airways operated services are entitled to carry: One standard cabin bag measuring no more than 55 x 35 x 20cm including wheels and handles.
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