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flybe, why cant i check in ?

Posted 7th Apr 2010
Hi there,
trying to check in to return from belfast on saturday and it wont let me check in. Why is that? dont want to call them, its a pound a min. !
any help much appreciated.
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whats the time limit for checking in beforehand? maybe you cant do it YET? would be surprised tho if that was the case but maybe check.
Don't you usually check in about 48hrs before the flight?

Flybe Q&A

# I am trying to check-in online but the option is not available?

There are several reasons why the online check-in facility may not be available for you to use. These reasons are listed below:

You are travelling from an airport that currently does not support online check-in. Please click here for a list of airports where online check-in is currently available.

You are attempting to check-in online outside the designated time slots. The online check-in facility opens 36 hours before your flight departs and closes 1 hour before the flight leaves. The option will not be available after retrieving your booking online outside of this period.

You have two or more infants on your booking.

You have booked special assistance (wheelchair etc) or excess baggage or sporting equipment e.g golf clubs.

You are travelling on a flight which stops at another airport on the way to the final destination.

If there has been a name change to the booking.

You may not be able to check in online if there has been a schedule change to the booking. If it is within 36 hours and it states Not Open, you will need to check in at the desk.

If any of the above apply to you, you will have to check-in at the airport as you are unable to check-in online. If none of the above apply and you wish to report a problem, please contact the Flybe Technical Support Desk for further assistance.
thanks for all the help, im perhaps too early.

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