Flying Ferrari

Only 500,000

Coming soon!…tml


Think this one's gonnna crash & burn...

nice, i can picture the the sat nav now - at the next cloud, take a left

hmmmmmmmmmmm im not a fan of the alloys, so wont buy one lol

I'm more of a porsche kinda girl...

Original Poster

Come on, this is a bargain!


Bought one last week off (pricing error and got it for £50.00)

no doubt there will be floating speed cameras around too

thought Aprils fool day was in April

Imagine the birds you could pull in that.

Not a deal, moved to misc.

read something similar about 15-16 years ago using wenkler (or something like that)engines, they said then it should be ready within 10 years. :whistling:
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