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    If I wanted to fly like a bird (assuming average height and build) what would my wingspan have to be and what would my chest size be?


    Depends where you were going to strap the engines....

    Good luck with that,
    Or maybe a magic carpet..

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    Are there no scientists out there? nobody with an 'ology??? come on all you HUD brainy people .. :thinking: help me out here!!!

    By some serious drugs and you will feel like you're flying like a bird.

    *BTW drugs are not cool*

    that's a very strange question... you're not thinking of trying it right?

    Obviously it doesnt matter how wide your wingspan must be, it would still be impossible without some form of mechanical help to fly x x

    I'd love to fly!

    I think you're going to have trouble building any sort of wing system that lets you fly. That's not to say it isn't possible, but it won't be easy.

    Taking…jpg for example, you can see from that roughly how long and wide a seagull's wings are relative to its body. Seagull bodies are, under the feathers, petty small and scabby too, so the wings are even larger, relatively speaking, than they appear there. Assuming you're 6ft tall and reasonably skinny, I guess you'd be looking at wings of around 10ft in length and 4ft in width. Although, you wouldn't be able to fly because you physically can't be strong enough for it. Even if your muscles are up to the task of pushing against the sheer mass of air you would need to compete with, a suitably strong gust of wind would rip your arms off.

    You can't fly. The closest you can get is with a hanglider, which my granddad used to do, and he loved it. They're not cheap, and nor are microlights which are like hangliders but with engines, but they're great fun.


    lol @ this thread.
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