Flying into one airport in America, and back from another....

    Hopefully someone might be able to help me with this.....

    Basically I'm planning on flying over to America in the summer for a family wedding. However, I've been to the city where the wedding is taking place before, and don't really want to stay there for the whole week or two weeks that I'm out there (the happy couple are disappearing off on honeymoon the day after the wedding anyway so no point hanging around).

    I was thinking about flying over for the wedding, then afterwards hiring a car and driving to another 2 or 3 cities, flying back to Britain from the final city. Now, my question is - are there any websites that you can book to fly to/form multiple destinations in the one booking, whilst also including multiple accomodation bookings? I'm basically looking for a one-stop shop so that I can keep everything in one place. I know you can book multiple flight destinations through Expedia but it doesn't let you do multiple hotel bookings at the same time.



    Call Trailfinders they are the best for trips like this.

    We always use ..........

    lots/most of them
    just put multi city

    try ]http//ww…com they are usually pretty good at that kind of thing I think.

    You may find it works out cheaper returning from the original city even if that means an internal flight to get you back there from the end of your road trip. We flew into Boston but our holiday finished in Washington and it only cost us about £30 each to get back to Boston instead of about £180 more to fly home from Washington.

    Another recommendation for a site:


    EDIT: That site is only for your flights. Might wanna try using ]http//ww…om/ for getting you hotels - I've used them and got some great bargains. You bid for a hotel room and aren't given it until your bid is accepted - try this forum for a guide on how it works and what hotels you're likely to get: ]http//ww…idx - also try hotwire for a similar idea to priceline.
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