Flying soon but need advice about passport

Posted 20th Jan 2023 (Posted 16 h, 35 m ago)
Will be flying in a month but been growing a beard for about 3 months and I like the beard but comparing my clean shaven photo in the passport and how I look now I don’t know whether it’ll cause any issues when travelling such as at check in or immigration and such. As first time growing a beard so any advice would be helpful. Worse case scenario I’m gonna have to shave it off which i prefer to not do.
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    Thanks all just needed the reassurance as looking at my passport photo it’s about 2 years old when I was clean shaven and comparing to how I look now with the beard it’s different to the picture but hopefully things go well next month.
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    I got rejected boarding for same reason, you'll defo need to shave it off. Mine was only one month growth too.
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    The only criteria that you need to worry about...

    Well I’m the not okay guess I’ll have to shave
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    Beard is ok
    When you do not need a new passportYou do not need to get a new passport if you:

    • change your address or contact details
    • get a new job
    • change your appearance slightly - for example, dye your hair or grow a beard
    • change your marital status (divorce, marry or form a civil partnership) but keep your name
    • change your title, for example, doctor or professor
    • become a national of another country as well as the UK
    • emigrate
    The problem may pop up at the other end.
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    You be fine mate
    My passport is same no issues
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    You should be fine but may be rejected by the e-gates in which case you'll just need to see the immigration staff at the desk
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    Many people change their appearance quite constantly, hairstyles, make-up, tashes, beards, wigs, hair colouring, jewlery, etc. Don't let it bother you one little bit.
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    you’ll be fine, unless you get a person having a bad day ..

    my passport photo was taken when I was a clean shaven 19 year old ..

    I went to America when I was 28, with a massive beard, just got asked why I was going, and what my job was, and then the comment, nice beard bro..

    the issue I had was when I went to Amsterdam, and they did a full search of person and bags
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