Flying to Dubai Boxing Day

    Hello all,

    Were going on holiday to Dubai on boxing day, first time in the country, has anyone been?and if so got any tips, do's and dont's, getting about, food, drink etc etc....

    Were stopping at the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers, has anyone stopped here before?

    I can't wait.....!!!!!


    Good thread we too are planning a trip over sometime next year any input from anyone would be a great help! :thumbsup:

    Lucky ******! have fun…htm

    wtf?? B U g ger is classed as a swear word bloody hell!

    Just remember to play by their rules. Don't get pissed up in public, don't even think about doing drugs. Go on a dune safari, great fun and well worth the £40 each. ( not if you have a sore back)

    Levels of service far exceed those in the UK.

    Original Poster

    Cheers kiwnator..........:p

    Just so you all know, the temperature is only mid 80's....nothing too hot he he he :-D

    Have a fab time smithy,I am sure it will be great.
    Not been myself but it is on the list for the future.....willl be stopping in Dubai airport for a few hours on the 28th meself........on me way to Thailand(and Cambodia and Malaysia and possibly Borneo!!)

    Original Poster

    Never done drugs and hardly drink so thats fine by me !!

    Have just been looking at the dune buggy experience which looks cool !!

    Visit ] for more tips, but my must see in Dubai is the old zoo, costs about 70p to get in and is well worth it. Oh plus the shopping and eating and buildings and the souks and the beach. Did I mention the shopping? Traffic is a nightmare its easier to drive on the M25 than on the Sheik Zaierd Rd. I've been twice and will be deff going back:thumbsup:

    **** is a swear word too c r a p
    dont know why????
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