Flying to Egypt???

Found 20th Oct 2009
right so im flying to egypt on thursday with easyjet, does anybody know if they offer and services cause it is a 5 and a half hour flight, do they have TV's on the back of seats or anything like this? or should i pack a book
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jus stay awake till you get on the plane and then sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
would rather not lol
its a budget airline,you will be lucky to get a cushion on the seat.

take a book.
When my OH flies Easyjet (every other weekend) he takes a book, his DS, some sandwiches and his Ipod, cos there aint nothing on offer from Easyjet!!
oh dear, 5+ hours with easyjet, no perks on these flights, trolley dolley prob only come round once.
I suggest you take a pillow and a blanket and hope whoever sits behind you doesnt have large knees, or little legs to kick your seat.
Not knocking easyjet, flown with them a few times but the best was flying back from amsterdam after being snowed in for 48 hours, they chartered a larger plane from another airline with bigger comfier seats and tv's.
fair enough looks like i will have to do the same
If you're on EZY8853 this is scheduled to be operated by one of the ex GB Airways Airbus A321's that Easyjet acquired when they took over the former BA contract. They still have the BA blue leather seating inside, albeit with easyjet headrests.

They don't have seat back televisions; they do have drop down TV's from the overhead but will most likely show the moving map during the flight. You might get lucky and they show at most the usual film and short programmes though.

Yes it's all BOB but that is the EZY business model.

See a cabin shot here:-…3da
what time is that one scheduled for emasu?
12:00 from Gatwick to Sharm.
yeah thats my one then mate so hopefully a bit more comfort

yeah thats my one then mate so hopefully a bit more comfort

Yeah, the BA seats should be a bit more comfortable, although I've always preferred cotton style seats.

They look a mess from the outside mind; the orange decals have come off left right and centre in some cases :lol:
Nothing wrong with easyjet, worth paying extra for fasttrack, so you can get a good seat.
5 hours isnt that long a flight, take a good book and your DS :thumbsup:
emasu, thats amazing info. From me the sum total of - take a book!!
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