FM Transmitter

    Hi all..

    I'm looking for a good-range FM Transmitter to use in my house
    together with satellite receiver so it needs to be good range like 25m or more.

    Also it would be great if its comes with power adapter, I dont want to use batteries.

    Anyone? ;-)


    This isn't strictly what you asked for, but may offer an alternative solution to an FM transmitter, which I believe are still illegal in the UK? ]Apple Air Tunes.

    Or you could try ]this, the Wireless Digital Audio Broadcaster. (Scroll down 3/4 of the page)

    There are quite a few products like this kicking around. It all depends what you want to connect and how good you want the quality to be?


    FM transmitters are illegal because you must have a broadcastying licence, but yesterday it was announced that OFCOM are looking at regulations and by 2007 they should be legal.…stm

    A lot of people use them though and I doubt it's a top-priority when it comes to prosecuting people.

    Original Poster

    yea i know... i want it anyway (going to use in sweden)
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