FM Transmitter for the Ipod - which one?

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Found 23rd Apr 2010
I'm looking to get an FM transmitter for use with my 80GB Classic iPod and I'm after a bit of advice.
I don't really want to spend the earth (no more than £15-20) but at the same time I don't want to end up with something that's pretty shoddy.
I used to use a cassette adaptor and was quite happy with that, but my new car only has a CD player, and who uses those nowadays ;o).
I've been looking at the Griffin I-trip and Belkin tunemaster (i think it was called), but again they either seem to get poor reviews (older models) or cost a bomb (newer models).

If any one has got any advice or views on this, I would really appreciate hearing them. If anyone knows of any good deals on at the minute, even better!


I would appreciate help on this aswell :)!

I have an itrip, which works fantastic in one car (Sierra), but was really pants in my other (Ka). I've not tried another transmitter so I can't compare sorry.

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I think that seems to be the general consensus....one mans rubbish is another mans gold and all that. Wonder if I could buy one from argos, try it out, take it back and buy it from somewhere cheaper. Do they still have their 16 day no quibble policy?
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