Focalprice (non delivery of goods)

    Has anyone experienced non delivery of good from Focalprice?

    I bought some items from them (not that expensive but that's not the point), account showed it was dispatched on the 27 November but have yet to receive delivery.

    Not sure what else to do as no response from email to company and wonder if it's possible to get money back from credit card company although payment appears to be paid to a paypal account...!

    Any comments appreciated....!


    I wouldnt worry too much yet as even things sent from the uk have for me had big delays, I received various parcels this week postmarked 3 and 4 weeks ago, by all means go on paypal if you paid via card on paypal and file a claim, you can always raise it to dispute later. At least this way you will have got the ball rolling.

    I had live rooted plant cuttings posted to me over a week ago 1st class and they havent arrived, even if they do arrive now they wil be dead :x £16 quids worth too. This wasnt from focal though.

    I ordered a couple of bits from Focalprice which were dispatched on 16th November - they turned up on Thursday so I wouldn't panic just yet!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice.....!


    another 2 weeks and youll be pushing being able to claim through paypal tho........45 days

    just a reminder
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